Tuesday, April 13, 2010

SharePoint 2010 Managed Client Object Model - Samples and Examples

After spent good amount of time on learning and experimenting on SharePoint 2010 client object model, I want give some examples and samples to my users. In that plan, here are some examples which helps you to understand and make better coding.

In this post I am concentrating on Managed Client Object Model and examples.
Please find the zip file here and download and start see coding and understand it. It has all the C# projects in a solution which are simple to understand and write.
Download Managed Client Object Model Samples and Examples.

All these examples are created by me to give some practice to learn SharePoint programming to my users. So, if you find it useful then please share and give your feedback. I am planning to write more and share more. Check for more in the upcoming posts.


  1. Praveen thank you! This an excellent example -- much appreciated.

  2. Welcome. Look for more examples in the upcoming posts. I have written all examples for 3 client object models as a big collection. Not getting time to make it in one solution and publish them. Surely I will present my best on SharePoint 2010, before it release.

  3. Hi,

    Your all posts on COM is great.I am just looking for a way to get ‘file.ListItemAllFields’ for each FileVersion. like example

    foreach(FileVersion _version in versions)
    file File = site.GetFileByServerRelativeUrl(version.url);
    ListItem currentItem = file.ListItemAllFields


    like the above sample can i get ListItemAllFields for each versions ?

  4. Hi Praveen,

    We are facing some serious where if just using the report viewer control 8.0 in SSRS 2005 SP2, even for rendering a simple report we always ends in 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object'. But the report viewer works fine in SSRS 2008 R2. Please let us know if you have any idea.

  5. Hi,

    how can i write code for search content into a web site and libraries?

    Ricardo Cerda

  6. I'm new to SharePoint and using SharePoint Foundation server 2010 to save files using client object model. The application will list the files in the server using MVC4 UI. To retreive the files and folders I use SharePoint 2010 client object model. I want to implement the Edit feature for the word and excel documents which is already available when we access SharePoint site directly through IE. Simply I just want to open the file and save changes to the server when we save it or close the program.How can I do it with client object model. Thanks in advanced.