Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hardware virtualization check in WINDOWS – How to

Today at my work, I want to install VPC for Windows server 2008 64-bit. I don’t have any idea on how to install WS 2008 on VPC, because VPC by itself won’t support. It need Hyper-V installed on the server. So, googled and found some good free tools or utilities to check the hardware compatibility for the virtualization. Below are the tools used to find them out in simple way.

1. SecureAble: It is a simple tool which is really very light weight and shows us the system bit version, Hardware D.E.P support and hardware virtualization support. Download it here.

2. Cpu-z [CPUID]: which gives you complete hardware details. Download it here.

Check them to test your hardware.

I think, now you got to know how to check hardware compatibility for virtualization.

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