Monday, August 23, 2010

Check drop down list contains a value in c#

This is again a very simple post and want to share. I have seen many people write good coding, but, sometimes they don't pick efficient way to do somethings. When we do code reviews we can identify some code parts are very simple to implement but they implement it in complex way, want to correct them. A simple scenario is, how to check a drop down contains a value. Some people are looping through all items and finding the item exists or not. Some people are doing some complex logic etc. But, below is what I believe the good and simple way of finding a value is in drop down list of items.
if (ddlUserType.Items.FindByValue("someValue") != null)  
   ddlUserType.SelectedValue = "someValue";  
Do you think, is there any efficient way of doing this?


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  2. What is some other field already contains "someValue"? You should also check the field name.