Saturday, September 11, 2010

The assembly from form template conflicts with a same named assembly in form template

This is the exception which was coming when I tried to deploy the infopath forms to SharePoint environment.

This is the background of the problem. I have infopath project created in visual studio and infopath has 3 views. According to my requirement I have to publish each view as a single infopath form. So totally 3 infopath forms as output. The infopath form has form code in c#. So, we have to deploy dll as well. But, as one version of infopath is already in production, I have to move the new version to production. But, according to some dependency problems, I have to keep the dll of the infopath project as same version as production. So, what I did was opening the AssemblyInfo.cs and changed the assembly version to hard coded like 1.0.3098.12321. There it started the problem. When I tried to deploy the infopath forms below is the exception it was coming.

The assembly infopathproject.dll from form template someform.xsn conflicts with a same named assembly in form template another.xsn

So, after research around 1-2 hours, I found that the three xsn forms are pointing the same dll [I mean along with version]. So, infopath forms are having same dll reference and leads the conflict.

The resolution for this problem is, reverting back the assembly information back to 1.0.* solved the problem. Now infopath forms are pointing to same dll but with different versions. So, problem resolved.

So, if you have the same requirement like same dll using for different infopath forms then, please don't forget to make auto generate versioning for the assembly like 1.0.*.

Hope this helps to solve the problem.

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