Sunday, October 17, 2010

SharePoint 2007 Limitations complete list

There are so many posts in the Internet describes about this. But, there is no place where I found all at once. So, I am planning to keep this post up to date with whatever I find. If I miss anything then please add here or let me know. That will be a great help.
  1. SharePoint maximum limitations 
  2. Performance limits 
  3. Scaling limits 
I think, the above three posts covers most of them. But, below are some of the things which we need to consider as well.
  1. Unsupported characters: These characters are not allowed in SharePoint or WSS /\:*?"<>|#{}%&~ or tab characters and multiple periods.
  2. File or folder names with Trailing spaces: File or folder names in SharePoint or WSS won't support any trailing spaces.
  3. File and folder names length: File or folder names longer than 255 characters will not be allowed.
  4. Number of columns limitation in a list:
  • 64 text fields, including the following field types: Single line of text, Choice, Hyperlink, or Picture.
  • 16 Lookup fields
  • 16 Date and Time fields
  • 16 Yes/No fields
  • 32 Number and Currency fields
  • 32 Multiple lines of text fields 

I believe these are enough for a SharePoint architect to get good idea on limitations of SharePoint. Hope these helps and please update me if you find any.


  1. Yes, I do agree SharePoint has many limitations which can cause performance bottlenecks while in extensive usage of SharePoint. There are many resources over the internet which discuss how we can optimize and enhance SharePoint performance. Since I have keen interest in this topic so I can suggest some good resources by the use of which you can get maximum out of your SharePoint after having all the limitations :)

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  2. Excelent Post!
    I was trying to find the #s of fieds I can use before get error displaying the page created in SP designer.

    Thaks a lot!