Sunday, August 5, 2012

Uninstall App for SharePoint' Value cannot be null. Parameter name value - Error occurred in deployment step

While working with SharePoint 2013 developing and deploying app you may see this error couple of times in the deployment process. From Visual Studio 2012  when you try to deploy the app from project properties and deploy option then the app will be deploys to SharePoint and install to the site given. In some cases, the app will be deployed but will not install correctly. In this case you have to retract and re-install the app again.

When you try to redeploy the app, it tries to retract the app and it fails with below error:

"Error occurred in deployment step 'Uninstall App for SharePoint' Value cannot be null. Parameter name value."

The solution is: from the "Site Contents" option of the SharePoint site, click remove from the App available options. If it is not successful then retry to remove the app again. It should be removed successfully this time. Now, try to redeploy again from Visual Studio. It should deploy fine with no issues.

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