Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Change the SharePoint list url

This is a very old tip. But still I see many people don't know about this. In SharePoint we have a concept of display names and internal names. The same way when we created a list in SharePoint it has display name where it used to show the list name and internal name where it used in the list url. The internal names cannot be changed from browser once the list was created. But, what if we have a requirement where we need to change the list url???

The only way to achieve this is using SharePoint Designer. Open SharePoint Designer and change the name of the list/library which will change the name of the library as well as the list url.

If you don't have option to open the site in SharePoint Designer then you must save the list as site template and create a new list with that template. But, make sure dependencies like lookup columns, workflows, event receivers etc.


  1. Hi,
    this does not work in SP Designer 2013

  2. Make sure you have right access rights to change the list name. I have changed many times and since 1 year I am using SharePoint 2013. Good luck.

  3. You want to make sure your going under "All Files" > "Lists" and renaming the directory - not just opening the properties page for the list and renaming it from there.

  4. Does this work in SharePoint Foundation 2013? I have just signed up for a free SharePoint 2013 site with

  5. Apart from SharePoint designer, You can use PowerShell also to Change URL of the SharePoint List or Library: