Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Error occurred in deployment step Recycle IIS Application Pool

This is the most annoying error in deploying a solution to SharePoint via Visual Studio. There are many reasons behind this error. It could be permissions, server configuration. So, I am planning to write all solutions here. :)

Complete Error Details:
Error occurred in deployment step 'Recycle IIS Application Pool': 0x80070005Access denied.


  1. Visual Studio should be running as Administrator. (As the solution is deploying to the server and which requires the admin privileges we must run as Administrator)
  2. User must be a local administrator on the server and should be a member of WSS_Admin_WPG. (Should need access to control IIS and App pool recycling operations)
  3. User must have owner (db_owner) access to the SharePoint Content database. (To deploy the package and activate feature at site collection level) 
  4. User must be a part of Farm Administrators group. (Adding solution package to FARM)
  5. Finally, check the current user is a site collection administrator on the site which the solution is deploying to. (This is very important!)
Hope you are good to go after following all the above instructions. Happy deploying!

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