Friday, September 6, 2013

SharePoint Online improvements

Office 365 is going to be better and better. As many people are started using Office 365 I see Microsoft is planning to invest more on this domain. Lets see what they have improved. Below improvements are not applicable to Office 365 dedicated subscribers.

  1. The complete Office 365 environment for all users are updated to SharePoint 2013.
  2. Skydrive Pro will solve many problems regarding storage for Online users. Now, its been increased from 7GB to 25GB. This is free. 
  3. The improvements which are rolling out in coming weeks are:
    • Now SharePoint Online supports many file types: This is one of the great features I like. They extended the support for broad range of file types including .EXE and .DLL.
    • File upload limit increased: Now, users can upload files up to 2 GB size. Earlier it was just 250 MB limitation.   
    • Number of site collections: With latest improvements a tenant can create 10000 site collections. Earlier it was limited to 3000. 
    • Improvements to Look up fields: Each list can support 12 lookup fields. 
    • Self-restoration: Increasing recycle bin retention duration (now it is 90 days, earlier it was just 30 days) and versioning is turning on by default for the Skydrive Pro libraries.
    • IE 10 now supports opening Explorer view. Yes, it is back...
  4. Other than these there are many improvements. 
Below are the reference links to get more details. These are really important points to know before you planning to migrate to Office 365/SharePoint Online.


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