Friday, April 23, 2010

SharePoint 2010 ECMAScript Client Object Model - Samples and Examples

I have done sufficient experiments on SharePoint 2010 Client Object Model and other features while I am learning SharePoint 2010. Now, my work is to share the knowledge I have gained. So, part of that is all these examples and samples. I hope they will help you to better understand and keep you up to date with new technologies.

As we know SharePoint 2010 provides the nice API for 3 client object models, in this post I have concentrated on ECMAScript client object model.

Download the code from here and start see the code and try to learn it. All these examples are my own development and not copied from any where in the internet.
Download ECMAScript Client Object Model Samples and Examples.

Before take a look at the code, you should read the article for where to place the code and how to use.
ECMAScript - Complete details

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

SharePoint 2010 Managed Client Object Model - Samples and Examples

After spent good amount of time on learning and experimenting on SharePoint 2010 client object model, I want give some examples and samples to my users. In that plan, here are some examples which helps you to understand and make better coding.

In this post I am concentrating on Managed Client Object Model and examples.
Please find the zip file here and download and start see coding and understand it. It has all the C# projects in a solution which are simple to understand and write.
Download Managed Client Object Model Samples and Examples.

All these examples are created by me to give some practice to learn SharePoint programming to my users. So, if you find it useful then please share and give your feedback. I am planning to write more and share more. Check for more in the upcoming posts.