Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Developer Dashboard in SharePoint 2010

What is developer dashboard:
SharePoint is very big system and consists of so many modules integrated. We can do lot of customization and all our code will be deployed to SharePoint and end users will use it. But, what if client comes to you with the question, "why my SharePoint site is loading very slow?" How you proceed?
First thing you need to check is all server configurations like is memory is sufficient/ Processor is sufficient etc.. After you found they are more than enough, now it's time to find problem in the code. Till SharePoint 2007, it's very difficult to find which part of the code is taking how much time and analyze it better. But luckily in SharePoint 2010, Microsoft added a very nice feature for developers to detect which module is taking how much time. It will record all the requests and the time to get response etc.... This is what we are calling Developer Dashboard.

The great advantatge with it is, it will differ the requests and show like, database queries [Which query took how much time], SPRequest allocation, Webpart event offsets, etc in very detailed way. I really love it. Thanks a ton to SharePoint 2010 team.

Process Explorer Free download

Every time, I have needed to know what file, folder, process is opened and running. And sometimes which dll is loaded and running etc.....
The existing windows task manager won't give me all the information I needed. So, I found it's a great tool for my problem and want to share with all of my readers. Get this free download.
Process explorer download for FREE

Free SharePoint 2010 Developer tutorial

This is the excellent developer guide which really has plenty of things to understand well. I strongly recommend this to you. So, please get it and start reading it for better understanding and knowledge on SharePoint 2010. Get yourself strong in the skills. Easy to learn.
Download SharePoint Developer Guide free

UserProfileServiceUserStatisticsWebPart:LoadControl failed - SharePoint 2010 Exception

Today, when I installed the SharePoint 2010 server, First task I want to complete is user profile import. Everyone knows that there was a big bug in the BETA version in this module. So, I went there in manage services screen and clicked the "User Profile Synchronization Service". Surprisingly I got the error screen and don't know what to do. That is unspecified error screen and not given any error details.
But, we have an excellent resource to solve all these issues. I mean SharePoint Log files. When I went there and looked into the file, I found below exception message.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Download SharePoint 2010 server, foundation, office 2010

Hello all,
After waited so many days finally the RTM versions are released and below are the details.

SharePoint foundation server (2010)
SharePoint designer 2010

Note: the below downloads are for subscribers and premier users only.
SharePoint server 2010
Office professional plus 2010 [64-bit]
Office professional plus 2010 [32-bit]

Download SharePoint designer 2010 for free

I believe you have read my previous posts on SharePoint designer 2010. And now complete release available on Microsoft Downloads center.



Saturday, May 1, 2010

Silverlight Client Object Model - Samples and Examples in SharePoint 2010

This is the post which belongs to the same series of the samples and examples of the Client Object Model in SharePoint 2010. So, this post I give you a start up examples for Silverlight Client OM.

Download the examples from here.
Download Silverlight Client OM examples and samples.

Let me know the feedback and if you need anything else.