Tuesday, February 16, 2010

User profile import problems in SharePoint 2010

I know, most of the SharePoint administrators and development team facing problems with importing or syncing up the active directory with user profile store or SSP in SharePoint 2010. There are many reasons and you need to read the complete documentation before do anything.

I have initiated the thread in MSDN forums here and still that is growing. User profile import

But, there are some configurations we need to check before do the user profile import. One of the important notes is "The farm is running either the Standard or Enterprise version of SharePoint Server 2010 and you have run the farm configuration wizard. Profile Synchronization does not work on a stand-alone installation for SharePoint Server 2010 Beta."

**UPDATED** 2/24/2010
After spent 16 hours of research [late nights] found some nice scenarios on it. Below are all of them.
All this research result will only helps to the people who just started the installation of the SharePoint 2010, and it won't help much to the people who already tried to add a new connection. You should be need to rebuild of SharePoint 2010 in that case to get it working.
  1. Please make sure you have installed the WCF hot fix before proceed.
  2. After you have installed successfully the SharePoint 2010 and completed the SharePoint configuration Wizard, don't try to do something with User profile service. If you do then the only solution is rebuild whole farm again.
  3. Assuming AD is ready and you should have delegate control [Replicating directory changes] to the service account you are using.
  4. Go to System Settings from central administration and click on the link Manage services on the server.
  5. Start User Profile Synchronization Service. By default it is stop, we need to start it manually.
  6. Now, you see the status changed to Starting.
  7.  Now, the profile job is running [you can check the running jobs by going to Monitoring section and find the job ProfileSynchronizationSetupJob is running.]. This job will take minutes to complete. 
  8. If service is showing starting for a long time, then something went wrong and you need to rebuild the farm.
  9. If you see the status Started then you are the luckiest person and the service started.
  10. Now, it's the time to go the application management and user profile service application to create a new configuration synchronization connection.
  11. Here, fill the form and select only the Users or the OU you want[not all] and hit OK.
  12. If you see any new connection in the list then you are safe. Otherwise you are gone, only way is rebuild the farm....

So, this whole process took me 16 hours to test. So, take care with this buggy thing in SharePoint 2010 BETA.
** End of update ** Special thanks to Jie Li

So, you should be running the standard or enterprise version of SharePoint 2010. You can read the complete details of it for finding more here.

please let me know, if you have any problems in accessing or configuration.

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  1. SharePoint 2010 profile information synchronization uses the Leading edge Identification Control solutions. There are a lot of excellent stuff about this, one of which is that it provides for bi-directional synchronization.