Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Free SharePoint 2010 Developer tutorial

This is the excellent developer guide which really has plenty of things to understand well. I strongly recommend this to you. So, please get it and start reading it for better understanding and knowledge on SharePoint 2010. Get yourself strong in the skills. Easy to learn.
Download SharePoint Developer Guide free


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  2. Great article. Here is a post which describes about the new features. http://sharepointsolution2010.blogspot.com/2011/01/new-features-and-advancements-in.html

  3. Hi,

    I am visiting everyday this blog its a good blog for sharepoint 2010 developers.

    Even i visited www.tutorialsdirect.com there its a huge collection of tutorials on all the topics.

    Nice websire www.tutorialsdirect.com :)


  4. Hi,

    i created a Designer Workflow that workflow is working fine(workflow contains only if else Condiction and sending mails) .when i am trying to publish the another workflow it is showing the Errors
    1.Fail on Start
    2.Workflow canceled by System Account.

    some times i am unable to publish the workflow the error is
    1.error were found when compiling the workflow. the workflow files were saved but cannot be run

    please help me

  5. Hi Viswar,
    Please make sure you are not running workflow using system account. Find more details here.

    And seems like the logic written in workflow is having issues. Can you do one thing? Remove all statements and simply put declaring of a variable and try to publish. Now see all workflows are published and running fine.

  6. This was all fine but I think with this one should go through online tutorials and books with examples to understand SharePoint 2012 in a better way.

  7. Dolan,
    you mean SharePoint 2013? The free tutorials for 2013 available very soon.