Thursday, June 24, 2010

ULS Viewer - SharePoint Log Viewer - A nice SharePoint Tool

In SharePoint, I know the big pain in development is if we get any exceptions or errors in the code we have implemented, then go back to log files and scroll or search to the exception or error details and try to solve it. The notepad file size could be in MB's. It's difficult to maintain and see what was caused the problem very easily. Most of times it frustrates to search and find the corresponding problem as notepad is very slow if log file size is huge. I am always think like, is there any better way to see and find the details without struggling a lot. One way I found was my previous post "How to see actual exception and errors directly on SharePoint web page". But, that won't help always to find the problem.

That is the reason I started to find a good solution for it. Luckily Microsoft understand this and developed a nice tool for us. That is called ULS Viewer. This is the windows application which takes the ULS log file as input and loads the log files very faster than notepad and shows us as grid of columns. You can do plenty of customization to it by sorting, filtering, searching, highlighting etc... You can find the problems in your code in very less time. I find this is one of great and superb tools every SharePoint developer should use. It surely decrease the analysis time on finding exception or error details.

For more details about the ULS Viewer:
For free download:

For complete documentation:

So, use it and make your life more comfortable. Subscribe to all my posts and stay with me. I always try to share and help the devs to make development faster with the already existing tools. But, the things is we need to know about them, I will do that part for you. Happy SharePoint development.

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