Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Download reports from Sql Server Reporting Services

I know that this is what the reporting services didn’t give us an available option. There are many scenarios we require to get the reports to the local server and edit the changes. For example, I have 10 reports and they aren’t available right now in my server or they are under source control and it is corrupted. Then only place they are available is Reporting services. From web service we can view the reports but cannot get them to the local machine. 
By using Report Manager site, we can download one report at a time but not all reports. So, I found a way which is really helpful and saves so much of time. Thanks to Gaurav, my colleague for telling me about this.
There is a free tool available for this. Which is called “Reporting Services Scripter”. This is very good tool. Which needs the report web service url and it will bring up all the reports in the window. Once you select what reports you needed and give save location, hit on script button, that’s it. It will download all selected reports to the given location.

Download it here. http://www.sqldbatips.com/showarticle.asp?ID=62

Remember that, before you do anything please make sure you have given the correct report web service url as shown below.
From options, you will see above screen. And from Servers tab, you have to give the correct servername.
Note: The RS Scriptor is using default windows logged in credentials. So, make sure the user logged  in has access to the reports and the user role should be “Content Manager”.


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