Sunday, January 16, 2011

Change content type order in NEW button of a SharePoint library

This is continuation of my previous post. After you read that post you get clear understanding of how we added the content types to a library through coding. But, what if there is a requirement we need this content type order to be shown when I select the NEW button from the list tool bar or hide some content types? Then again we need some sort of code which does that for all existing lists as we cannot change manually if there are plenty of webs in a site.
private void ChangeOrHideContentTypesInALibrary(SPList list)
list.ContentTypesEnabled = true;

SPFolder folder = list.RootFolder;

List<SPContentType> orderedContentTypes = new List<SPContentType>();
foreach (SPContentType ct in folder.ContentTypeOrder)
if (ct.Name.Contains("ContentType1") || ct.Name.Contains("ContentType2"))

folder.UniqueContentTypeOrder = orderedContentTypes;

If you observe the above code, then the variable orderedContentTypes is what having the content types of which we need to show in the NEW button of the list toolbar. In which order we add the content types to this variable, that order they will be added to the list and shown on the toolbar. And second thing is out of 3 content types available in the above logic we have added only two to the variable. So the third content type will be hidden from the toolbar. And the last two lines in the above function are to update the list with the latest content types order.

Hope this gives you clear idea on how to order and hide content types on a list/library.

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