Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Show envelope icon in notification area – Outlook 2007

Today, I am little bit surprised that I didn’t see the envelope icon in notification area of my window Taskbar even i have unread emails in my Outlook inbox. So, as usual I thought, no new messages were in my inbox. After some time, my colleague came and asked me that why didn’t you give reply for the messages I sent. I told him that I didn’t get any. He was surprised and checked his sent items list and he was sure that mail was sent to me. Immediately I open my inbox and found couple of messages from him. That was a big shock and I didn’t believe that. Because I completely believe in the envelope symbol on the Taskbar that if any unread mail is in my inbox, it should show up there.


Some how the settings were changed and i started checking the tools options for getting that again. Below are the steps i followed to get it.

  • Open your Outlook.
  • Go to Tools menu, choose Options.
  • In the preference tab, you can find a section for E-mail as shown below.
  • image
  • Click on the E-mail Options button. Which will open a window for the email option.
  • Click on the Advanced E-main Options button which again opens another windows which has the option we want.
  • Select the option "Show envelope in notification area" as shown below.
  • image
  • That’s it. Now I am able to see the envelope icon in the notification area on new mail arrival.
  • image

Hope this helps for the people who faced the same problem.


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  2. Thanks a lot!!! Very useful post, cause I lost my envelope and had the same problem with unread mail.

  3. Thanks a lot!!! Very useful post. Cause I've lost my envelope a couple of day ago and had the same problems with unread mail.

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  5. Thanks - I had this problem and your posting has solved it for me.