Tuesday, February 16, 2010

SharePoint 2010 site templates not showing in create site page, How to get them?

This is a bit surprising to the people who are playing with SharePoint 2010 very first time. When we try to create subsites in the main site collection we need to pick the right site template and go. But, what if you are not able to see the list of site templates in the list?
  1. I have created a simple publishing site in SharePoint 2010 server and below is the screen which looks like by default.

  2. And I like to create a blog site inside it. And I go to Site Actions and selected Create a site and below is the screen I saw.
  3. [The cool thing in the above screen is, it is implemented in Silverlight. And it loads very fast with nice effects.] But,  here I am not able to see all site templates available in the system. By default it is showing only two. So, How to create a blog site now? How to get all the site templates back?
  4. It just simple and follow this. Go to Site settings and move to the section "look and feel" as shown in below screen.
  5. If you see, there is a link named "Page layouts and site templates". That is what we needed. Just click on that link.
  6. Now, below is the screen you see, which has the complete list of site templates and page layouts available in the system.
  7. If you see the above screen, there are only two templates selected by default. This is the reason why we see only two templates available on the create site page. So, add how many templates you want from the left side. You can do the same with page layouts too. Select all page layouts you needed and save it.
Hope this helps.


  1. Thanks and really it's a great and rare finding. Saved me much time. :)

  2. Thank you. Sat here today after creating my environment and stumped!!!!

    Few coffees, several screams and pacing before coming across your post.

    SUPER STAR!!!!

    Thank you.

  3. http://geekdeck.com/create-sharepoint-2010-site-template/

    check this up...

  4. What if you don't see "Page layouts and site templates".

    I have SharePoint Foundation 2010 installed and I don't see that option

  5. This was a live saver!!!!


  6. I had just the same problem, its realy esay if you know where to look :D

    Thanks a lot

  7. I've been stumped on this for a bit. I had other sites that had it but forgot the location.

    SharePoint should have a link on th bottom of the Create site [targeted to Admin] that says, 'can't find what you're looking for, click here'

  8. How can you do the same in SharePoint Foundation 2010? The 'Page layouts and site templates' - link is not available there.

  9. I like your Post very much and It is very interesting. I will use this Info to Develop the SharePoint Applications. Thanks for share this valuable Information.

  10. Thank you so much! Was wondering if it was a misconfiguration on my part and glad I found your post. I actually like that MS allows that much control over which sites can be created.

  11. This was a HUGE help to me. It's mind-boggling that there isn't clearer instruction from Microsoft on this one simple but important option.

    Thank you for taking the time to make this info available to everyone!

  12. Thanks a lot that helped me and saved many hours searching what the heck :)

  13. I found this site while trying to activate the "Surveys List" template on Sharepoint Foundation 2010.

    On SP Foundation, use "Site Actions" -> "Site Settings" -> "Site Actions" -> "Manage site features" instead of of "Page layouts and site templates" mentioned above.

  14. Just to add to this article:
    This option is available ONLY if you have the PUBLISHING feature activates:
    1. SITE COLLECTION Feature = SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure
    2. SITE Feature = SharePoint Server Publishing

  15. Thank you for sharing your valuable information. It has helped me to create a share point application.

  16. Hi, I'm using SP Foundation 2010, and when I look under "Site Actions" -> "Site Settings" -> "Site Actions" -> "Manage site features" I do not get the features which is shown in the above screen shot. I see a list of features to activate and deactivate.

    And I’m struggling to find the saved templates under list. Please help.