Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bloggers feed is showing only 25 posts, how to get all?

This is the question in my mind from long time that why feed is not showing all the posts when I open atom.xml. It always get me the top 25 posts in the feed. So how to get all the posts?


  • We need to use certain querystring parameters to solve the issue to get all the posts.
  1. start-index : Which tells to the blogger feed generator that starts from this post.
  2. max-results : Which tells to the blogger feed generator that the number of maximum results count from the start index.
  3. redirect : Which is not actually needed. If you enabled post feed redirection then only we need this. But, better to keep this always in the feed url. You can find the more information about it here.

How to use:

After the atom.xml feed url, append the below querystrng url.


For testing you can browse my feed

Which will burn you the top 50 posts in the feed. Actually we get top 25 only by default, but from the solution I told you, which will return how many posts you want.

For getting top 100 results use this querystring url


For getting the results between 50 to 100, use this


You can give any value to the parameters start-index and max-results to get that many results…

Happy Blogging.


  1. Nice Post
    I have written about it a while ago

    But the important thing to remeber here is that feedburner has feed limit of around 500KB's so if you are having a lot of images and showing all your feed and your feed size increases that limit then suddenly one day you will find that no feed is coming and the reason is that you have exceeded the limit.
    This happened to me that's why i thought it to share.

  2. Hi Ashish,
    I saw the post and you are explaining about FeedBurner and i am explaining about the Bloggers' feed [atom.xml]. Thanks for the size limitation one.

  3. Ahh...A simple solution then. The issue then as Ashish pointed out is the size - which I suppose comes down to what is shown in the feed? If you only show a 100 word extract in the feed then showing 50 entries won;t really be a size problem.