Saturday, June 27, 2009

How to submit all posts to Google webmasters for better indexing all the posts in my blog?

You all know that the Blogger’s atom.xml file will burn only the top 25 results in the feed. This is the file usually we will submit to the Google webmaster tool to index our blog posts. But because it only returns top 25, Google crawler indexes only these 25 and it don’t care about the posts which are older than 25. So, there you are loosing your visitors to see those posts because they won’t be show up in the search results  because of not crawled well. So how to solve this issue? and how to submit all posts to Google webmasters?


Before you proceed, please check the below posts once for the better understanding.

  • How to submit your blogger blog site feed to Google webmasters if you enable the option Post Feed redirection url. View here.
  • How to see all posts in the atom.xml feed instead of getting only top 25? View here.

Once you read above posts you will get complete idea of how to solve the problem.

  • Open Google webmaster site and submit the below url
  1. For submitting the top 50 blog feed results then use


  1. For submitting from 50 to 100 results then use


So you can submit all the posts to Google webmasters to crawl all the posts instead of only top 25. How good it is?

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