Friday, June 5, 2009

How to submit your site to Bing

Bing – Wow it’s the hot keyword now in all search engines and everyone is talking about it. This is wonderful and returning results in very well manner and crawling is very fast when compared to Google. After we submit the posts/articles results are coming within an hour. Do you believe this?

So, in this article i am planning to post about submitting your site and sitemap to bing so that you will get good traffic when keywords matches the user query.

Step 1: How to add your site to Bing.

Go to the url:

and add the details it prompts. See the below image for more details.

Submit_Your Site_To_Bing Step 2: Add your site site map to Bing.

This is again the same process as you know. Below are the steps you need to follow to add site map.

  • Go to the url
  • You can see the below screen.
  • Signin_To_Use_Bing_Tools
  • Sign in by clicking the button. You can go to the page where you have options to enter your site details and site map path.
  • Site_Details

Complete the details and wait for some time that Bing crawls your content and enjoy the results.

Bing!!! Bang!!! Bing!!!


  1. thanks bro
    i really apriciat ur work on
    i use ur blog to submit my url
    that is

    once again thanks

  2. Hi

    Thanks for sharing the information about bing.. This really shows impact on the bing results and link building techniques

  3. Hmm.. you must be getting paid by bing. I have submitted my sitemap a week or so aga, and still no results in bing. Great on google and yahoo, but IMO bing sucks.. moderate this!

  4. It will take some time to get results in Bing after submission. You can find many questions related to it in Bing Forums and there are some guidelines to follow to index your site faster in Bing. Please read it.

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  6. Plenty of engines are available to submit your site to all search engines. I don't know how they will work out for you. But, instead of doing like this, better to go to all search engines web masters and submit site feed individually. This will help more than these type of submit to all with one click engines.

  7. I'm trying with my site .... so far Bing keeps refusing to post it even though Google and Yahoo put the search term "Bay Area Catholic" as the #1 hit...

    Thanks for the tips.