Saturday, June 27, 2009

How to submit blogspot feed to Google webmaster where feedburner feed is enabled in blogspot blog

I enabled the option Post Feed redirection url in my blog settings. From the time I did that Google webmaster tool is started giving the error "URL not allowed". But I need to enable the post feed redirection to Feedburner instead of general atom.xml feed. So how to solve this problem? After read the Google blog documentation found some attributes how to solve this issue.

For my blog the atom/feed url is When I type this, it will redirect to my feedburner url So when I submit the atom.xml in the Google webmaster it’s not taking this and gives me the error "URL not allowed" because of the redirection. So finally I understood that redirection is the problem.

If you want to use custom redirected feed like FeedBurner then you need to use the "redirect" querystring parameter to the url of your feed, which stops the redirection.


So, when I use the url i always see the message "successfully crawled" in Google webmaster tool.

So except in Google webmaster tool I don’t use the redirect querystring. So, all users will see my customized feedburner feed, only webmaster crawler see my atom.xml feed. How nice it is….

Nice tip!!!!


  1. Thanks perveen. Actually webmaster accepted my previous blog's feed But i was getting problem in . Now you solved my problem.and now i am going to read your post How to add all links in Google.
    carry on bye.

  2. Tell me how to insert feed of my to google webmasters?

  3. Login to google webmasters and add your site, authenticate it and submit sitemap.