Thursday, October 4, 2012

Discontinued features in SharePoint 2013

Recently the MSDN article is published on discontinued and modified features in SharePoint 2013. This is very important to know as what all are discontinued compared to the previous version for future planning on upgrades or migrations. Below are the main features (according to me) among all the list Microsoft published.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM):
  • Barcode: Inserting barcode command is no more available in ribbon. Which means you cannot add the SharePoint generated barcode to Word documents.
  • Print labels: Ability to generate, embed a label containing the metadata about office files is no more supported.
I believe the above two features are not so popular and the demand to use these features are less. So, I believe we don’t bother much.

Site Templates:
Document Workspace Template: While you are trying to create a site in SharePoint you are no more see the Document Workspace template. In my view this its not big effect to us.

Meeting Workspace Template: This template also removed from the list of site templates available in SharePoint 2013. I believe this is a bad decision as I am much integrating the meeting workspace with my Outlook client to fix appointments, saving meeting minutes documents and saving the details about the conference codes details etc. in our organization. Not a good idea from Microsoft.

Personalization site template: This is also got removed from list of site templates. I believe no one mind about it.. as no one uses it.

Group work site template: Removed in new version.

RSS Feed for Search results is no more available. Hurray! I was using this search results data via RSS in some scenarios…

The Visual Upgrade option is no more available.

BI Related:
  • We cannot generate the Visio pivot diagram from SharePoint task list any more.
  • Chart web part is no more available. Still you can use the excel services to render charts etc..
  • SharePoint KPI and status list are also discontinued..
As we already know most of the discontinued features are less used by any organization. The main reason why they discontinued due to performance related. You can read more details about this topic in office document.
**Update: There is another detailed documentation available "Changes from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013".

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  1. It's a little disappointing! I want to generate barcode in share point 2013, but now it seems impossible.