Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Limits and Boundaries of SharePoint 2013

As we all know boundaries are absolute limits that cannot be exceeded by design. When we are planning to design a farm we should keep all these limits to avoid future issues. Perfect example of boundary is document size limit: 2GB. It’s by design and the absolute limit and cannot be exceeded by design.
Thresholds are those have a default value that can be change in certain circumstances. Default the document size is 50MB and you can increase up to 2GB.

Main limitations:

  • Allows 2,50,000 site collection per web application.
  • 300 Content Databases per web application. Earlier in 2010 it supports up to 200 content databases.
  • 5 zones per web application.
  • 200GB content database size general usage, 4TB in all usage scenarios (didn’t change from earlier version.) and no limit on document archive scenario.
  • Each content database supports till 60 million items including list, library, app etc. items.
  • Per content database default limit is 2000 maximum and 5000 is boundary.
  • Total web sites (sub sites) are 2,50,000 per site collection
  • 30 million documents/items per library or list
  • Max security groups per a user can belongs to are 5000
  • Each site collection can contain 2 million users
  • Each site collection can supports till 10000 SharePoint groups.
  • Each farm can contain up to 20 search service applications
  • Each search service application can have up to 50 content sources
To check all the boundaries and limits please go through the Technet article.

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