Saturday, October 6, 2012

Event receivers for Users, Roles, Groups, Inheritance SharePoint 2013

Wow. This is excellent news for me, no for all of us. The question we have discussed almost 15-20 times since SharePoint 2007 was released is "Site Permissions, People and Groups are also SharePoint lists, are there any event receivers bound to them?". This is needed for us to track the security for specific sites. For example, when someone is trying to add/edit/delete a user we like to track all of them we don't have any way in 2007, 2010 versions. Now, with these new event receivers we can track the security and can have full control over the complete SharePoint security by implementing the custom solutions. Really it's a great thought to have event receivers on these. The new event receiver class is "SPSecurityEventReceiver".

Below is the list by category the new event receivers.

SharePoint User, Role Events
  1. GroupUserAdded
  2. GroupUserAdding
  3. GroupUserDeleted
  4. GroupUserDeleting
  5. RoleAssignmentAdded
  6. RoleAssignmentAdding
  7. RoleAssignmentDeleted
  8. RoleAssignmentDeleting
  9. RoleDefinitionAdded
  10. RoleDefinitionAdding
  11. RoleDefinitionDeleted
  12. RoleDefinitionDeleting
  13. RoleDefinitionUpdated
  14. RoleDefinitionUpdating
SharePoint Group Events
  1. GroupAdded
  2. GroupAdding
  3. GroupDeleted
  4. GroupDeleting
  5. GroupUpdated
  6. GroupUpdating
Permissions Inheritance Events: Great, this is really wonderful.
  1. InheritanceBreaking
  2. InheritanceBroken
  3. InheritanceReset
  4. InheritanceResetting
This is wonderful addition and it can be the answer for plenty of security issues in SharePoint. Great, great, great.

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