Sunday, October 7, 2012

How to create tiles for SharePoint

Syncfusion tool is excellent to create the tiles. They have plenty of icons to create our custom tiles to use them in the new windows platform. I am using this software to create tiles for my SharePoint 2013 site. Really cool and strongly suggest you to use it.

Download it here.


  1. Can you provide a small sample of how can we do tiles with this product ?

  2. Hi Sorin,
    You should follow below steps to create nice tiles.
    1. Open Metro Studio.
    2. Choose your image from one of the images available. [You can select Icon Category to see images in a particular category like education, FOOD, BANKING etc.].
    3. Drag and drop the image to the bottom area where the red boxes are showing up with the text "Drop to create a project".
    4. Give some name to your project and click the tick(right mark) icon to save changes.
    5. Now on the right bottom you will see the tile with the name you have given.
    6. Hover on top of it and you should see edit and explore option.
    7. Click on edit and it will give you options for size, image color, background color, rotate image, background shape etc..
    8. Do the changes required and click on Save or export to save as image format. :)
    9. Use the tile wherever you want.
    10. Enjoy!