Sunday, October 7, 2012

SharePoint Designer 2013 design view?

I know the designer fans are not happy when they hear the news about it. The design view is completely removed by Microsoft with no reason. The only mode available is Code view. For each change you are doing, you have to preview it by running the Preview in Browser option. Not good right?

But, the good news is that SharePoint 2013 sites can be opened through SharePoint Designer 2010. I know it's not recommended by Microsoft, but we can use it for now to get the design and code view for our implementations. If you need to implement pages, web parts requires design view then go for SharePoint designer 2010. Otherwise you can use improved designer 2013 for workflows, styles etc..


  1. Hi! I still hopes that the design and split view will return. However the reasons at the moment are that the design view right now don't support HTML5/CSS3 tags as Microsoft officially says.

  2. Yes, I am following that article. What is the expected outcome in the new RTM release is to include HTML5 in design view of SPD 2013. We have to wait next 3 months to get the right information. :)