Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Different grid implementations for view, edit, add records

I have a requirement to show the existing  records from database and give options to user for edit, add, delete. So, I thought some of them already implemented and searched for them and found some good examples. But, most of them are not really good at editing the row and submit changes. Some of them are submitting data back to server when column edit complete and some of them are having some problems.

Here the list of grids I have found which are very good start for everyone who are looking for the same.

Please let me know, if you know any more grids which are available on the net.

Hope this helps to find the best one which matches your requirements. What do you say?


  1. Any idea which one(s) play nice with Sharepoint's XML? jqGrid for instance will not retrieve data from XML attributes (aside from an id attribute).