Tuesday, November 17, 2009

SharePoint 2010 public BETA is available on MSDN- Download

Hi all,

It's the time to download the SharePoint 2010 public BETA version which is available on MSDN. For this so many people are awaiting from long time and now the time comes. So, go to the link


And search for SharePoint and find SharePoint 2010 link. Now, you will get the download panel to start download.

NOTE: Remember somehow the link is not visible for all public users. To view or to access the site you need to login first with your msdn or any hotmail account. Right now there are some problems and the link is disabled for the normal sign ins. If your account is paid one, then only you will get access to it. According to the release it is public BETA it may available for download soon for all users.

Let me know, if you are having any trouble to get it or any issues.

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