Wednesday, November 4, 2009

SharePoint Designer 2010 login as another user

Everyone knows that this is a big problem in SharePoint designer 2007 which doesn't have option to change the current logged in user. But, it is changed. Now SharePoint designer 2010 has the option to see who logged in and change the current logged in user. Good news!!!

So, as they are still working on similar issues to fix so many problems we have faced, hope the coming version of 2010 package will solve so many issues and make our life easy. I guess it will take few more months for the complete development of SharePoint designer 2010 and will release BETA around April 2010. Let's await for it.

How to:

In SharePoint designer 2010 there is an option at very bottom left corner which shows the current logged in user information and options to change user. See below figure.


So, this is it!!! Do you like this post?


  1. YES!!! DAMN IT.. why the hell Microsoft Sharepoint Designer came out with this stupid idea..
    I DUN SEEM to find any of this CHANGE CREDENTIAL function.

  2. LIKE!!! damn it.. LEFT BOTTOM Corner and the button is so small to be seen.
    idiot designer team

  3. YEA ... Seriously... This was really nice one...

    Thanks a lot..

  4. There's still the problem that I must login first as a user and then switch to another user. So there's no option to directly login with another user. Very bad design!

  5. Use a browser to navigate to your SharePoint Site. There Sign in as a diffrent user, use the AdminAcc and save your credentials.

    Next time you start the SP Designer, this user will be taken. Worked for me.

    1. Not for me. Logging in as regular user and switching to admin doesn't work either, it keeps logging me back in as regular user. So annoying!!

  6. Thank you! This is what I needed.